• September 9, 2021

Why not wear your favorite team shirt with a soccer ball

Sportswear company Adidas has just announced a new collaboration with the US national team, in which players wearing shirts with the Adidas logo will receive physical education gear from their favorite team. 

The partnership, which will run from February 20 to February 26, will also include a special training session. 

It is not yet clear if the players will wear their Adidas gear during the session, which is part of the training session in which they learn the physical characteristics of the sport.

The partnership was announced on Wednesday, the same day that the US team played Mexico in a friendly match in Mexico City. 

While the players who will wear the Adidas gear will not have to participate in the game itself, they will get to wear the shirts that the players wear in training. 

“We are proud to partner with Adidas to bring athletes from around the world a new experience in physical education,” Adidas Sportswears Director of Sports Brand Management and Sales Tom Koechlin said in a statement. 

A team shirt is a traditional piece of clothing that is worn to show support and loyalty to a particular team or club. 

There is a growing trend among athletes around the globe to wear their team gear in a manner that can be easily recognized and appreciated by fans, who can then recognize the shirts in the stadium. 

In the US, there are currently eight teams that wear their jerseys in a fashion similar to Adidas. 

Among the current team shirts that have been spotted on the pitch in the past couple of months, there is a shirt that is designed to look like a soccer jersey, while another is an Adidas shirt with the word “US” in a bright red color. 

According to the company, Adidas also recently introduced the new Adidas Premier League shirts, which feature a similar design, with a bright yellow background and a white jersey.