• September 19, 2021

When Trump said ‘no’ to ‘one of the best schools in the country,’ his staff says it was ‘not the end of the world’

President Donald Trump said he had “no idea” when the Trump University would close, but that he would “love to get back to work” once he got there.

| AP Photo Trump on school closure: ‘No idea’ when Trump would ‘get back to business’A source with knowledge of the decision to close the now-defunct Trump University told POLITICO that Trump was unaware of when the school would close.

Trump told the Wall Street Journal in October 2016 that he thought the Trump Organization would get “back to business” once the school closed.

But that never came to pass.

The Trump Organization told POLITICO in May that it was considering relocating to an undisclosed location.

In a statement, the Trump brand said that the Trump Foundation had already been “investing in an alternative educational facility” in Chicago.

Trump, a New York City real estate developer, told reporters in October that he was not aware of when his business would close the Trump Trump University.

The president had a “few minutes” to consider his options when he left office.

“I was not even aware of that,” Trump told reporters at the time.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.