• August 19, 2021

What’s your physical education credential?


Physical Education Education (PE) certificate 2.

Physics Education (PES) credential 3.

Physical Therapy (PT) credential 4.

Occupational Therapy (OT) credential 5.

Community Health (CH) credential 6.

Physical Fitness (PF) credential 7.

Physical Activity (PA) credential 8.

Physical Therapist (PT), Physical Therapy Associates (PTAA), Personal Fitness and Nutrition (PFNA) credential 9.

Physical therapy associates (PTB) credential 10.

Physical therapist assistant (PTTA) credential 11.

Physical therapists (PTTS) credential 12.

Personal trainers (PTT) credential 13.

Physical education instructors (PEI) credential 14.

Fitness and Wellness Education (FE) credential 15.

Physical rehabilitation therapists (PURT) certificate 16.

Physical fitness and exercise (PFE) certificate 17.

Physical Rehabilitation Technicians (PRT) certification 18.

Physiotherapists (PTEN) certification 19.

Fitness Instructor (PTE) credential 20.

Physical trainers (PEOT) certificate 21.

Fitness Training Program (FT) certificate 22.

Physical trainer (PTU) credential 23.

Physical science teachers (PSW) certificate 24.

Physical Science Educators (PSET) credential 25.

Physical scientists (PSN) credential 26.

Physical teachers (PTW) credential 27.

Physical-health teachers (PHTE) certification 28.

Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine (PTHM) credential 29.

Personal Health and Personal Fitness (PHFP) certificate 30.

Physical Health Practitioners (PHTP) certificate 31.

Physician Assistants (PA), Physician Assistant (PAAT) credential 32.

Physical Medicine and Rehabilitators (PMRT) credential 33.

Physical physiotherapies (PTO) credential 34.

Physical nurses (PTRN) credential 35.

Physiology teachers (PPT) qualification 36.

Physical nurse (PNH) qualification 37.

Physical nursing students (PNH) credential 38.

Physical psychologists (PPSW) qualification 39.

Physical health educators (PHET) qualification 40.

Physical training and health (PHT) qualification 41.

Physical Training and Physical Education (PTWE) qualification 42.

Physical educators (PTTE) qualification 43.

Physical Educators of the Year (PEAT) qualification 44.

Physicists (PHE) qualification 45.

Physical Teachers of the year (PTY) qualification 46.

Physical Technicians of the past (PTN) qualification 47.

Physical technologists (PTTL) qualification 48.

Physical workers of the future (PTWF) qualification 49.

Physical Workforce Development Council (PWDC) qualification 50.

Physical Wellness Educators International (PWEI) qualification 51.

Personal and Family Medicine (PMD) qualification 52.

Professional and Occupational Therapists Training (PTOT) qualification 53.

Professional Educators and Educators’ Certification (PET) qualifications 54.

Professional Fitness and Dietitians (PFC) qualifications 55.

Professional Health and Fitness Instructors (PHFI) qualification 56.

Professional Physical Therapy Instructors and Therapies of the Past (PTP) qualifications 57.

Professional Social Work Instructors’ Training (PSWE) qualifications 58.

Professional Teaching Assistants of the Future (PTTW) qualifications 59.

Physical Physical Therapy Teachers’ Training Program International (PTTP) qualification 60.

Physical Tutors of the Day (PTTD) qualification 61.

Physical Technology (PTTC) qualification 62.

Physical Trauma Care Instructors of Past (PCTP) qualification 63.

Physical Sports Educators Association (PSEA) qualification 64.

Physical Technologies Association of North America (PTSA) qualification 65.

Physical Trained Teachers of Past and Present (PTTV) qualification 66.

Physical Trainers of the World (PTWW) qualification 67.

Professional Counselors of Tomorrow (PCLTO) qualification 68.

Professional Certified Physical Therapist (PCPT) qualification 69.

Professional Educational Counselors (PEC) qualification 70.

Professional Education and Training Professionals (PETS) qualification 71.

Professional Emergency Nurses of Tomorrow and Beyond (PEN) qualification 72.

Professional Healthcare Practitioner (PHC) qualification 73.

Professional HMOs (PHMs) qualification 74.

Professional Occupational and Life Science Teachers of Today (PHOS) qualification 75.

Professional Nurse Practitionering Professionals of the Present (PNPs) qualification 76.

Professional Nurses and Nurses-Family Practitioning Professionals Association (PNHP) qualification 77.

Professional Practical Nurses (PNP) qualification 78.

Professional Physiotherapy Professionals’ Certification and Training (PPNCE) qualification 79.

Professional Psychologists of the International Association of Professional Psychologist (PAPPN) qualification 80.

Professional Teachers of Physical Education, Occupational Health and Physical Therapy of the Modern Age (PTMTE