• June 20, 2021

What you need to know about the new exam for physical education in Ireland

A new physical education exam for Ireland has been announced, with the results due to be released this week.

It is the latest in a series of changes to the Irish curriculum that have been implemented to better align with the OECD standards.

The new exam will be administered in the second quarter of 2019 and the first in five years.

In a statement, the Minister for Education, Skills and Universities, Katherine Zappone, said that the new physical ed exam would enable pupils to learn about the physical needs of children.

“It will allow them to get the right level of physical education for their age and at their level,” she said.

“This will give them the skills they need to become successful physical educators in their local community.”

As the UK’s leading country in physical education we are also a leader in the global health community, which has proven the value of physical activity and the physical health of our young people.

“With this new exam, we are able to better serve our students, the school community and the wider community.

This is a major step forward for physical activity in Ireland, and a great start to a new academic year.

We have already seen significant improvements in our school systems, including an increase in attendance and improved school attendance, with over 1,000 pupils opting for physical school in the first six months of 2019.”

I am confident that the physical education exams will help us better support our students in the classroom, and provide better results for them as they continue to gain confidence and learn.

“What you need the latest news on physical education:Physical education exam results will be released on Wednesday, January 11th. 

What you can do with the new examsRead more about the exam here:Physical Education Minister Katherine Zoppo says that the exam will enable pupils who want to study physical education to be able to learn.”

We are working closely with the National Physical Education Authority to ensure the results are aligned with the latest standards,” she told the Irish Independent.”

The results of the physical exams will be made available on Wednesday.

“They will provide the first step in a much-needed process of education and research that will lead to better understanding and a better understanding of physical exercise.”

A key component of the new test is a “virtual” component, which involves the pupil taking part in a video-based activity on a computer screen and receiving feedback on their performance.

The teacher, also in a virtual environment, will then see how the pupil’s body responds. 

“This virtual activity will enable the pupil to practise the correct form of physical and non-physical exercise,” Ms Zappon said.

“The virtual activity, along with a teacher, will help the pupil develop their own knowledge of the relevant physical activity.”

The new test, which is part of the OECD Physical Activity Standards, is the first to be tested under the new regime, with previous examinations being administered in 2014 and 2012. 

The new exams will also provide an opportunity for students to get a feel for the physical requirements of children and their families.

“All of the requirements that will be in place, such as a physical education certificate, will be based on the physical examination results, as well as the results of previous examinations, and the results will help our schools and school systems to develop a more effective physical education programme,” Ms Tóibín said. 

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