• September 6, 2021

Video game review: Destiny 2 review

Game developer Bungie is bringing its popular shooter Destiny 2 to Xbox One and Windows 10, with a new “virtual reality” mode that will be available on both consoles.

The new mode is called “Destiny 2 VR,” and it will offer “an immersive, cinematic experience that brings players to the front lines of a world-ending war” in the first person shooter.

It will also feature “full 360-degree 360-widescreen support” and “full gamepad support” for both Xbox One X and Windows Hello-enabled PCs.

The game will also come to Xbox and Windows in “the coming weeks.”

That means that Destiny 2 will be able to run on Xbox One, Windows 10 and other devices, though Bungie says it has no plans to release the game to the PlayStation Store.

It also won’t be available to pre-order in the US.

The company said that “over the past three years, we have built a massive global fan base that is passionate about our games and the players that love them.”