• July 8, 2021

University says its plan to stop student protest will go ahead

The University of Texas System is planning to resume classes Friday, just a day after a student group protested outside its campus and asked the administration to reconsider.

The move came as the U.S. Supreme Court dealt with a similar situation at Texas Tech, which shut down a planned sit-in Friday to protest the use of racial slurs by a team coach.

The University System of Texas has asked the court to hear a case challenging the school’s policies and procedures, saying it is not necessary to have the court address the situation.

UTS officials say they have already made changes and will continue to make changes throughout the rest of the year.

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But the ruling by the U:S.

5th Circuit Court of Appeals could make that process harder for the university.

It was issued after a group of students blocked traffic from a main thoroughfare in Austin and a group formed to protest a police use of force against them, prompting a protest and a clash with police.

The U. of Texas says the protesters violated the U’s code of conduct for public servants and that the school will not honor the injunction.

The students say the injunction was based on a university policy that allows the use or threat of violence if an official is forced to leave his or her office because of a protest.


Texas said Friday it would allow the student group to return to campus on Thursday.

But UTS said it will be open and open to all students, regardless of their views.

The student group has been seeking to take down the statue of Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee in front of the campus.