• September 24, 2021

‘The way to the top is through physical activity’: Chicago school to launch physical education curriculum

Students from a Chicago school are getting a physical education lesson as part of a new physical education curricula designed to teach physical activity.

Teachers at Chicago Public Schools (CPS) will begin teaching students how to use computers, smartphones and other devices to interact with the physical world, including playing video games.CPS Superintendent Dr David Jones said the goal is to create a “safe, positive and positive environment for all children, regardless of ability or background.”

“We are very excited to be working with our district partners, the CCDSA and CPS Administrators to provide these critical education lessons in the form of a physical activity curriculum,” he said.

“These lessons will be taught at school locations throughout the city, allowing students to experience a first-hand approach to physical activity.”

He said teachers will also teach physical education skills to students and staff, as well as help to promote the physical activity, as part to the curriculum’s mission to help young people build resilience and develop healthy habits.

“Our students are really good at using their minds and their imagination, so it is very important to have those skills,” Dr Jones said.

He said students will also be given a physical exam before the lessons and after each lesson, to help them understand their ability and the type of physical activity they can perform.

“This curriculum will not only be about physical fitness, it will also involve learning how to do other things as well, including teaching kids about technology,” he added.

He described the curriculum as a “work-in-progress” that was created for students to improve physical fitness in a safe and positive manner.

“It is very simple to understand, but the hard work is to make it work,” Dr Paul said.

The curriculum will be developed using the latest scientific research and will be available to students in grade three, eight and 12, as long as they show interest in participating.

“The lessons will also include exercises that will help students develop a healthy attitude about their body, and we want to give them a great learning experience,” Dr Dave added.

Cuts, closures and other changes to services and services for children and families are part of the CPS plan to save money.

The move comes after several high-profile scandals, including the resignation of Chief Executive Officer Barbara Byrd-Bennett in February after the deaths of six students in a school in Chicago.