• August 15, 2021

The latest research shows people in New Zealand are the happiest, most active and least overweight people in the world

New Zealanders are the most physically active people on earth and the least overweight, according to new research that reveals the country is the happiest and most active people in history.

In a series of surveys, researchers have discovered the country’s citizens are physically active for longer periods of time than people anywhere else in the developed world, and spend the longest periods of their life at home.

New Zealanders have been known to run, bike, swim, walk and cycle for a good part of their lives, and their health and well-being has been linked to physical activity.

They are also among the happiest people in this country, with nearly one in five people in their country saying they are extremely satisfied with their health.

Researchers from the University of Auckland said their results confirmed that New Zealand was the most active nation on earth, and it was the second most physically fit nation after the US.

New Zealander Tom Stoker, who leads the New Zealand National Health Service, said New Zealand had one of the lowest rates of smoking in the OECD.

“New Zealand has some of the best rates of tobacco control, so we have some of that going for us,” he said.

“We have the highest rates of health, life expectancy and productivity in the European Union and the highest life expectancy in the industrialized world.”

Stoker said there was a growing trend in New Zelanders to use exercise as a way to boost their physical health.

“I think the most important thing is that we keep exercise, so it’s really important that we are able to get out and get active,” he told BBC Breakfast.

New Zeland’s public transport system is also the best in the nation.

“There are very good things about the city and the city is one of those cities that, if you live there, it’s a city that really encourages people to exercise,” Stoker said.

Newzealers also have the most people walking per capita in the Western world, which is almost twice as high as the United States.

And a high proportion of New Zealand citizens are using technology to improve their health, with more than 40% of respondents using electronic devices.

The health of New Zellers is also being closely monitored, as is their physical activity levels.

A key part of New Zealand health plan is to make New Zealand a healthier place, but the data suggests the most health improvements will come from exercise, the health system and other lifestyle choices.

“The data shows that the most positive effect of exercise and exercise habits on physical health and wellbeing are also the most likely to be experienced by people who are overweight or obese,” Stokers said.