• September 29, 2021

Physical education games: A new way of studying science

Physical education has become a hot topic for students, teachers and parents, with more than 500 million people in the UK studying physical education in 2020.But while the science of physical education is becoming increasingly accessible, it has remained inaccessible for many.Professor John Fauci from the University of Sussex is taking the challenge of providing…

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How VR is changing the way we learn and teach, and what you need to know about the technology

The rise of VR is bringing with it a new wave of innovations.The future of education, from a student’s point of view, is about much more than what’s in the headset.VR is a technology that allows students to experience new experiences that are completely different from what is available in their classroom.VR has the potential…

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Why you should stop worrying about your physical education qualifications

Physical education has become a popular subject in Australia.So popular, in fact, that many schools are using it to encourage their students to complete their physical education courses.And despite the fact that physical education is a fairly well-established field of study, a growing number of students are starting to question their knowledge and experience in…

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