• September 24, 2021

Why are physical education teachers still so reluctant to teach physical education?

Physically-acclaimed teachers of the future will teach physical-education subjects like aerobics, weightlifting and even martial arts, a new survey suggests.And many of the more popular subjects like karate, judo and handball are still underrepresented, despite being highly sought-after.The survey, which was released Monday by the National Council of Teachers of Physical Education, looked at more…

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You Can Make Your Body and Mind Work Together Online

This is the perfect tutorial to help you become a physical educator.You don’t need to have any experience to learn how to make your body and mind work together.You can make your brain work and your body become a controller of your body.If you want to become a good physical educator, this is the tutorial…

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Traditional physical education salary rises to $8.6M

Traditional physical arts and recreation (PTAR) careers in the U.S. are set to grow significantly this year, according to the latest salary survey from the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees.The latest report from the UAW shows that the number of full-time PTAs rose by 12% from the year-ago quarter, while total employment…

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