• October 14, 2021

How to be an effective teacher in a world where everyone is physically active

In the world where people have all sorts of mobility devices, it is essential that you understand how to make your students comfortable, active and engaged.That’s the challenge facing educators across the country and across the globe as they look to prepare students for a new day of physical education.The National Association of State and…

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The latest research shows people in New Zealand are the happiest, most active and least overweight people in the world

New Zealanders are the most physically active people on earth and the least overweight, according to new research that reveals the country is the happiest and most active people in history.In a series of surveys, researchers have discovered the country’s citizens are physically active for longer periods of time than people anywhere else in the…

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Traditional physical education salary rises to $8.6M

Traditional physical arts and recreation (PTAR) careers in the U.S. are set to grow significantly this year, according to the latest salary survey from the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees.The latest report from the UAW shows that the number of full-time PTAs rose by 12% from the year-ago quarter, while total employment…

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