• September 1, 2021

How to create a culture of physical education in Canada

It’s a tricky one.Many schools and schools in Canada still teach physical education without any physical education curricula or programs.What if we can do a bit better than that?I started with this idea of the “Canoe of the World” concept.The concept of a canoe being a symbol of a community.What could we do in this…

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What’s going on in physical education?

Physical education (PE) is the science and technology that helps us exercise and perform better.But it’s not always easy to get it.In the US, the average PE teacher spends $10,000 to $15,000 annually, and teachers who are women and minorities are less likely to receive the most training than their white counterparts.The federal government has…

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University says its plan to stop student protest will go ahead

The University of Texas System is planning to resume classes Friday, just a day after a student group protested outside its campus and asked the administration to reconsider.The move came as the U.S. Supreme Court dealt with a similar situation at Texas Tech, which shut down a planned sit-in Friday to protest the use of…

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