• September 25, 2021

Which states are best to homeschool?

By Matt Viser and Dan Wolkenfeld | ESPN StaffThe top states for homeschooling are in the Northeast and West, but a couple dozen other states offer opportunities for students to homescribe their own classes.Here’s a look at the best states for students of all ages to homesecribe classes and get more hands-on coaching.Here are the…

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How to Get Out of the ‘B’ Word

A teacher has taken the time to share with the kids in his school how to avoid being called a “bitch” on the job.The lesson comes in the form of a poster called “Bitch” by a teacher at the South Shore High School in North Carolina.It depicts a woman who has been dubbed a “bum”…

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Recode: How tech companies can be more like Apple, Google, Facebook

Recode / TechCrunch / BuzzFeed The future of tech isn’t just about getting better hardware.The future is about creating new products that people want to use, rather than just using them.That’s why a lot of tech companies have been experimenting with different ways to make their products more accessible and personal to users.For example, Apple…

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