• September 17, 2021

Israel’s first tennis tournament in 2019: ‘This is the beginning of something very special’

The Israel Tennis Association (ITA) has announced the date for its 2019 Israel Cup, an eight-week tennis tournament that will feature eight teams of the world’s best.The first tournament will take place on March 14 at the Israel Tennis Academy (ITAF) in Netanya, which has a capacity of 60,000 people, with a further three-week event…

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Which is better for you? Are you in a ‘fit’ or ‘fit to learn’ situation?

Physical education teacher WordPress blog has a new post that tells us what you should do when you’re in a fit to learn situation.You can read the full post here.The post explains that if you are at school or work, it’s best to have a flexible schedule to get the most out of your physical…

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How to get your physical education record from school

This article contains a lot of information about the process of getting a physical education school record.If you are unsure of the type of record you need, read our article about how to get a school record for physical education.Read the physical education records guide.You can download your physical school record from the school district…

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