• October 14, 2021

How to Fix Your Physics Class (Or Why Physics Is So Hard)

It is now almost two years since the death of American physicist and Nobel laureate Steven Weinberg, and yet there is little to celebrate about the country’s future in physics.While Weinberg was one of the greatest physicists of his generation, and his death has inspired countless young people to pursue their science, there is no…

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Which are the best and worst physical education products out there?

Physical education toys have been around for a while, but the most popular ones are the ones you’ll buy in your local physical education store.Some people may prefer to buy a set of three or four physical education devices because they like how the design can help them work out in the classroom or out…

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‘We have to find a way’: UCF students call for more diversity in physical education

UCF is asking students to join the #IUPIPhysicalEd controversy, after it emerged students at the school were denied access to an online curriculum.Students at the university have been calling for more female instructors and more diversity on campus.They say the university needs to diversify its physical education program and hire more female physical educators.In the…

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