• October 20, 2021

‘Not as cool as a teacher, but I think I’m doing OK’: Student’s mom on her daughter’s CCSF certification

By NBC News | December 14, 2017 10:54:22A San Francisco high school student’s mother says she believes she did not make it through her eighth grade years without seeing her daughter graduate from college.Maria Rodriguez said she never wanted to see her daughter, who graduated in May with a bachelor’s degree in public health, fall…

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How to get your physical education degree in a day

Now Playing: Australia: New laws will make it easier to earn a college degree, according to ABC News Now Now title Australia’s new education laws will ‘give you a good life’, says ABC News article Now Play: What is a physical education certificate?Now Playing

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The Biggest School Grants You Should Know

What is the largest school grant program in the United States?If you are looking to expand your physical education program, you may want to consider the following: Primary physical education certification (PEcc) grants.For every $1,000 of funding, you receive a $1.25 scholarship.This is a significant incentive for people who already work at schools to attend,…

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