• September 16, 2021

The new U.S. Department of Education policy on transgender students is out: The new policy is not in the books

The new Obama administration’s transgender education policy is no longer in the book, according to the Education Department’s Office of Civil Rights, but it’s likely to have a significant impact on transgender Americans. The policy, adopted on Jan. 6, does not ban schools from teaching students about gender identity or expression, but does require schools to…

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College sports: Who wins and loses this year?

The College Football Playoff was the most anticipated game of the year and it will go down in college sports history as one of the greatest moments in college football history.But the Big Ten had to take a big hit when it was forced to move its bowl game.The Big Ten was a member of…

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Why you should stop worrying about your physical education qualifications

Physical education has become a popular subject in Australia.So popular, in fact, that many schools are using it to encourage their students to complete their physical education courses.And despite the fact that physical education is a fairly well-established field of study, a growing number of students are starting to question their knowledge and experience in…

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