• August 24, 2021

Which schools are best at physical education and physics?

The physical education category is one of the hottest fields in education, and the schools that are winning tend to be those that have a strong focus on that topic.The physical science area is a tough one to predict, however.Most of the best schools in the country focus on either science or math, and there…

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The latest research shows people in New Zealand are the happiest, most active and least overweight people in the world

New Zealanders are the most physically active people on earth and the least overweight, according to new research that reveals the country is the happiest and most active people in history.In a series of surveys, researchers have discovered the country’s citizens are physically active for longer periods of time than people anywhere else in the…

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How to watch a football game with your iPhone or iPad

If you have an iPhone or a tablet, you can now watch a game with just your iPhone, iPad or Android phone.The app will take you directly to the game, and will automatically sync your stats and scores to your iPhone.The new app is a beta, so you’ll have to try it out to be…

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