• October 8, 2021

Students at Montessori schools teach ‘unusual’ lessons

Students at the Montessorian school in St. Louis, Missouri, are learning how to teach physical education through a holistic approach, using different strategies to help students with special needs learn.

The school was established in 2005 and teaches the physical education curriculum to students ages 6 to 12, and it is located in the city’s northside.

Montessorians also teach a range of other classes such as art and math, which can help children develop a stronger sense of self.

The program started at the school last year, and is now in its final year, with an estimated 400 students enrolled, according to St. Charles County Schools.

The St. Clair County School District, which is based in the St. Joseph area, has been a proponent of the program, with the schools being open from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m., said St. John County Schools Superintendent Tom Miller.

“We want to make sure the Montrémie is a safe environment for our students,” Miller said.

The Montessoria program is an initiative of the Montparnasse Foundation, a nonprofit that aims to teach Montessorial Education.

It is not funded by the MontParnasse foundation, but has been funded by students and community groups.

St. James Montessories in St Louis, which has since closed, is not part of the new program, but students from the St Louis school are learning the new approach through online courses.

The students learn from a variety of topics and have different challenges, including their own physical development, Miller said, adding that there is no need to be scared of the unknown.

“You have to be prepared,” Miller added.

“They’re going to have challenges with learning things that they don’t know.

It’s a good way to learn.”

The St Louis-based Montessorias are located in several schools, including the St John, St Louis Central, and St. Catherine Montessorios in the north and west sides of the city.

Miller said it is important to get the students involved and involved in the community, especially at this time of year.

“A lot of times, kids can be a little scared to go outside because they feel like they’re being watched,” Miller told VICE News.

“It’s really important for kids to see that it’s OK to be a part of something that’s happening.”