• July 28, 2021

Schools push for new STEM initiatives

SAN FRANCISCO — Students and teachers across the nation are flocking to classrooms across the country to get involved in STEM, a field that involves learning about, modeling and using technology to solve problems.

The National Science Teachers Association has partnered with the STEM Education Project to develop a new, free, online STEM website to provide teachers with more information about the new field and to give them a voice in how their schools can improve.

Students can register to receive updates, get access to resources, and help shape the future of science education, the group said.

For example, the STEM project will create a STEM curriculum in the next few months that will help teachers teach the science behind building a solar system.

It will also help teachers identify STEM problems, and how they can improve STEM teaching.

Teachers will also be able to track and share data about their students’ STEM learning, as well as their progress, and the project will work with educators and companies to improve STEM curricula.

Teachers and STEM students are also encouraged to get in touch with the projects team to help shape its plans.

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“The goal of the STEM Project is to connect the STEM education community to the technology community,” said Sara A. Smith, the organization’s executive director.

“Our hope is that through these efforts, educators will be able more easily share their STEM learning with others in the future.

The goal is to make STEM education more accessible to the broader STEM community and to help create a more collaborative workforce.”

In addition to the new STEM website, the union is partnering with the National Science Foundation and the National Center for Science Education to promote STEM learning.

“We’re very excited to see our partners at NCSE and NCEE support STEM and technology learning,” Smith said.