• September 26, 2021

School administrators: Schools can’t keep kids from playing video games

Elementary schools across the country have started banning video games for kids.

But some educators say parents can’t force their kids to play games.

In a new issue of the journal Pediatrics, pediatrician Dr. Amy McFarland says parents need to have a discussion about what games are good for kids and what they can do to keep kids safe.

Parents should be allowed to decide what’s safe and what’s not, she says.

Parents have the right to decide whether or not to allow their children to play video games.

Some parents are worried that the new rule will encourage their kids, or that it could encourage kids to take on more dangerous games.

McFarland cautions parents that the CDC guidelines do not give parents any guidance about how to handle their children when they play video game, or how to manage their children’s behavior.

In fact, she notes, the CDC recommends that parents play video-game-related activities while on the job, and that parents who want to avoid certain games should discuss it with their child’s pediatrician.

For example, parents might say to their child that the game has been banned, or they might say that they think they should limit the number of times they play the game.

But the guidelines do nothing to explain that they should keep playing other types of video games or keep their kids from using other types.

For parents who don’t have a pediatrician, McFarlands recommends consulting with a professional.

McAllister says it’s not a good idea to let your kids play video gaming.

If your child is playing the game in the first place, she recommends asking the parent to review the rules of the game before they play it.

Parents might want to limit how many times their children play the same game, she adds.

But parents who do want to play their children can do so in moderation, she explains.

If parents want to take their kids outside, they can, but they should also be cautious.

They should be able to say to them, “I don’t want to see you outside, but I understand.”

If parents do decide to play, they should be careful to make sure that they keep their child in a safe environment.

They can do that by taking them to a safe place and not allowing them to leave the room until they leave the area, she advises.

Parents who play video sports can make it safer for their children by doing what they need to do to prevent injury, such as putting their child into protective gear, she cautions.

McArthur is the author of “The Playbook for Parents: How to Keep Kids Safe on the Playground.”