• September 17, 2021

Israel’s first tennis tournament in 2019: ‘This is the beginning of something very special’

The Israel Tennis Association (ITA) has announced the date for its 2019 Israel Cup, an eight-week tennis tournament that will feature eight teams of the world’s best.

The first tournament will take place on March 14 at the Israel Tennis Academy (ITAF) in Netanya, which has a capacity of 60,000 people, with a further three-week event at the Tel Aviv Tennis Academy on April 3 and the Israel Open on May 6.

The ISA is also organizing a six-day event at its headquarters in Jerusalem on May 16 and the ISA’s annual Summer Tour of Israel on June 5.ITA president Shai Zoraim announced the dates of the Israel Cup and ISA Summer Tour events in a statement on Monday, noting that the two events will serve as a platform for the young talent coming through the ISAA academy.

“I believe the ISACA is the ideal venue for this event, which will be an opportunity to showcase the talent of Israel’s young generation,” Zorana said.

“We believe the tournament will attract the young Israel players that are the future of the country, and it will serve the country as a model for the rest of the globe.”

The ISACP’s 2018-2019 season saw the ISL champion Tzu Wei from China, who won the ISP Asian Qualifier, and the second-place runner-up, Israeli tennis player Isaac Eliyahu, both qualify for the ISC final.

Zorana also confirmed that the ISCA is planning to field its first national team for the 2019 Israel-Lebanon World Cup.

The 2019 Israel International Tennis Championship will take to the streets of Tel Aviv on May 15.

The ISAC will host a press conference on Wednesday, May 19 to discuss the upcoming tournament, and Zoraza noted that the league’s governing body will hold an emergency meeting to prepare the event for the upcoming season.