• July 14, 2021

IB’s IB Partners With Amazon on Physical Education Program

Amazon announced its Physical Education program, which includes Amazon Echo, Echo Dot, Alexa, and Alexa Voice, on Wednesday.

The program will also include the Amazon Fire TV, Fire TV Stick, Fire Stick Max, Fire X, and Fire Pro.

The $29.99-per-month program will include training videos and other resources for students.

IB partners with Amazon on the program.

IB said that it will use Amazon’s data to help students learn from its content, but IB also noted that it doesn’t control the content or content providers.

“We are not responsible for the content content providers provide,” IB said in a statement.

“The IB Physical Education portfolio is available at Amazon and is the platform that is enabling the IB program to scale, improve, and enhance our programs.”

Amazon will also offer IB students access to the Alexa Skills Learning platform.

The platform is designed to provide teachers and students with an online curriculum for teaching, learning, and development.