• July 7, 2021

I have my own school and its worth the price

A teacher in Kolkata, India, has set up his own school, called the Physical Education Academy, with the aim of bringing physical education to the masses.

The academy is the brainchild of Sudipta Ghosh, a former schoolteacher in Mumbai, and her husband, Rajendra Ghosh.

They have spent about $150,000 (around Rs. 6,000) on equipment, including three electric buses, two of which were donated by a government-funded charity.

The Ghoshs own two electric buses and a large electric wheel used for the classrooms.

The buses are equipped with sensors to help them detect students in their class.

The Ghosh family owns a bicycle store in Kankharpur, and also rents a small room in their house for a student.

They are working on getting a school in the capital, but the project is still in its early stages.

“We have been teaching in our house since 2011, and this is our first time taking up a venture,” said Sudiptas father, Rajesh.

“It’s our first attempt at a public school, and it will help us in raising funds for a larger one.”

I want the community to see how we work.

We want to provide an educational environment for the children.

We also want to encourage people to visit the school and meet our students.””

The Ghoshes own the building, which is being built on their own. “

The kids in this school are too shy, and they need more than just physical education, but it’s a very challenging environment.”

The Ghoshes own the building, which is being built on their own.

The couple are also planning to expand the school to cover three floors.

The school is already teaching students in physical education classes, and is also working on providing a more comprehensive curriculum for other schools in the area.

The couple are now looking to raise enough money to get the building built.

They said they hope to eventually run their own school.

“I have decided to start our own school because of the high demand we have had for a school,” said the father.

“The demand has been great, and we are currently trying to meet the demand.

We hope to launch our first school in 2019,” added Sudiptay.