• July 4, 2021

How to train for a physical education job with this awesome book

This book is for anyone interested in physical education and it will help you with the most common questions you might have about training for the job of a physical educator.

In this book, the author of this article, Daniel J. Shipp, has gathered together all the information you need to know about physical education, from teaching your students to the equipment you need, to how to apply for the jobs you want to fill. 

This book is absolutely fantastic, and if you want the next great article on how to train as a physical teacher you’re in the right place.

You can get this book for free from the author on Amazon here.

The author of the article you’re reading now has also shared this great article that you should check out as well. 

The article focuses on how you can learn as a teacher and is written by the founder of the company, Julie Smith. 

If you’re not familiar with Julie Smith, she is a teacher, teacher of physical education teacher and author of her own ebook, The Girl Who Wasn’t. 

Her first book, The Little Teacher, was a best seller and was a critical and widely read resource for physical education teachers. 

Now that Julie is an executive at the company she has released the book, The Little Teacher 2, which focuses on teaching students the basics of physical activity. 

In this article she discusses how she learned to be a physical therapist and how she uses this knowledge to teach students physical education. 

You can find out more about Julie on her website here.

Here’s an excerpt from her book: “There is no better way to learn how to teach a child’s body than to walk them through a full-body immersion session with a professional who is experienced with physical education.”

Here’s the first chapter of her book. 

Julie Smith, author of The Little Teachers 2, is a certified physical education educator, and the book is one of the most highly rated physical education books of 2017 on Amazon. 

There’s also a link to buy the book on the right side of the page.

You can read more about this amazing teacher on the author’s website. 

She’s a great teacher and this book is definitely worth a read. 

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