• July 20, 2021

How to make an ‘Eddie Pepitone’ character on Nickelodeon and Nickelodeons official website

We’re all familiar with Eddie Pepitone, the cartoon character that debuted on Nickelo in the early ’80s.

The character is a soft-spoken, kind-hearted man with a heart of gold who has a thing for women.

He’s played by Eddie Delano, who went on to become the voice of the character, which has been described as “one of the most iconic, well-loved and beloved cartoons in the history of animation.”

But now the character’s name is coming to life on the official site of the Nickelodeonic, the popular Nickelodeonian network that airs on Nickelopedia.

A series of videos from the Nickelo Twitter account will show off the character in the show’s signature blue and yellow.

A clip from the YouTube account will take you on a tour of the site, with a voice-over from Delano as well as the show itself.

“Nickelodeon’s first foray into animated content is bringing you the first ever Nickelodeoni character, Eddie Pepiton, as the voice behind the voice on Nickelodown!,” the tweet reads.

“We’ve got all sorts of great behind-the-scenes content coming your way, and you’ll find all kinds of cool things, including clips, exclusive video clips and much more!”

Nickelodeo will be taking over the Nickelodenet website for the first time in 2017.

The site will also be changing its name to “Nicolaodeon Digital Entertainment” and will be dedicated to the Nickeladell family of Nickelodeonics.

The channel will also make its way onto YouTube.

The new character, as well the upcoming Nickelodeonedie show, will be the first in the Nickelontown family of animated series.

“A special thanks to all of our fans for making Nickelodeonia what it is today, and we can’t wait to bring this show to life with you in 2017,” the Nickelos Twitter account said in a statement.

“Thank you to all the people who’ve supported Nickelodeonite and our shows over the years, and hope you’ll all keep coming back.”

The first episode of the show, titled “Eddy Pepitone’s Super Fun Birthday Party,” will air in 2017 on the Nickeloland channel.

The show will also appear on the Cartoon Network Channel and on the Disney Channel in the U.S. The official site for Nickelodeontown will go live later this month, with new episodes of the channel’s shows and clips set to air throughout the year.

The first of the new episodes is set to debut on October 1.