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How to Ledo’s Physical Education comic is getting a new life as a cartoon

Posted November 13, 2019 07:04:18The title to Ledos physical education comic has been changed from a children’s book to a comic book.

The original, which has sold for $40 on Amazon, is now being sold for more than $100 on ebay.

The comic has had a change of publisher since being sold at the comic shop in the small town of Nuiwa in the Southern Highlands.

The title was changed from children’s books to a graphic novel in April 2019.

“We had a lot of interest and a lot people that really liked it,” said John Wainwright, the owner of The Ledo Comics.

The Ledos comic was made by a team of two teachers, two parents and two friends.

“I have a big heart and a big mind.

I love teaching,” Mr Wainwrights son, Luke, said.”

That’s why I’ve been doing it for a long time.”

The comic will be available on the Ledo Physical Education website on Monday.

“The story is simple and the message is simple.

It’s about children who have a love for their teachers and their physical education,” Mr Williams said.

The school’s physical education teacher, Pauline Kildare, said the comic was not just about the physical activity, but also about the education.

“It’s about education, about how we teach kids to walk, how we educate them to think, to think in terms of what they should do when they have a physical problem.”

And I think it’s important to teach them to walk and talk and talk about things in a positive way.

“The school is in the Northern Rivers Region of New Zealand.

It is a community of just under 100 people and the school has a strong track record in physical education.

Students and teachers at the school say the comic helps teach children to learn about physical activities.”

What’s amazing about it is it gives kids the confidence to be able to go out and do something and to do something that’s not as normal,” Mr Kildares teacher, Sarah Hallett, said in a media release.”

They are confident enough to take their own physical action and walk or do some physical exercise.

“Mr Williams said the school was proud of the new release.

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