• August 4, 2021

How to learn to use a camera and find your place in the world

The latest in neuroscience and neuroscience education is out and it’s full of fascinating and sometimes frightening images.

The latest is a series of videos from the National Geographic channel called “Inside the Brain”. 

The videos show how to use an app called Brainmap, which lets you use the smartphone’s camera to scan your brain.

The app allows you to zoom in and out on your brain using the screen.

Here are some of the things you can learn to do with Brainmap:1.

Make a mental map of your brain2.

Connect the dots of the brain and see how they connect3.

Move around a virtual environment4.

See what your brain is doing to make sense of what you are seeing5.

Find your own place in your brain6.

Use Brainmap to create an avatar7.

Read the brain of someone else8.

Look up brain patterns in books and videos9.

Listen to a recording of a human brain10.

Hear what sounds you hear11.

Take notes on a website12.

Find the words in a word search13.

Use an app to identify words in text14.

Watch a video of a brain scan in action15.

Create a Brainmap of your head16.

Take a video tour of your own brain17.

Learn to read from your head18.

Look at your brain and ask yourself why you are doing that19.

Take your own Brainmap and show it to your friends20.

Watch yourself and ask why you’re there21.

Learn how to connect with others in a group22.

Take Brainmap in a virtual world and have your brain scanned at home23.

Create an avatar using Brainmap24.

Find out what happens to your brain if you lose a limb