• September 17, 2021

Duke University to build ‘high-performance physical education facility’

Duke University plans to build a $2 billion facility that will include “high-performing physical education technology” and a gymnasium, according to a new press release.

The $1.2 billion Duke Physical Education Facility, which was unveiled Tuesday by Duke President John Jenkins, will be the largest facility of its kind in the United States, the university said.

The facility will include a gym, physical education center, science laboratories, lecture halls and classrooms, the Duke University release said.

“We are excited about this project and look forward to creating a unique facility that provides our students with high-performance learning experiences,” Jenkins said.

“This facility will provide the students with an opportunity to develop and grow their physical fitness skills while providing them with an exceptional opportunity to pursue their education and careers.”

The facility will be a mixed-use facility with about a dozen apartments, the release said, adding that Duke will provide additional space for the Duke Institute of Education to host conferences, classes and other events.

Duke will also have a sports complex and basketball courts in the facility.

The Duke Physical Training Center is located in Durham, N.C., near the Duke campus, and is part of the Duke Sports Training Center.

It is currently open to the public, but the press release said the facility will become available to faculty and staff later this year.DUKE UNIVERSITY PUSHES TO ADD PHYSICAL EDUCATION TECHNOLOGY TO ITS STADIUMCUT TO ANOTHER PROSPECTDURHAM, N