• December 10, 2021

How to create a ‘beautiful’ digital image using photoshop

Physical education canadians should be familiar with photoshop, but its a little tricky to get started with, says an English language website.A tutorial on the website Physical Education Canada, created by UK-based author Sam Bhatt, tells users how to create an image using a tool called Photoshop, but it can also help students learn basic…

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Why you should never tell your kid to get a physical education class

The following video was filmed by a student at a private school in the Philippines.It has been posted to YouTube by the school’s parents and has gained over 5 million views in just 24 hours.It is an argument that many parents, teachers, and parents of school-aged children have been having with their children ever since…

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How to Improve Your Physical Education in a Big Way

By John H. Sperry, USA TODAY • August 29, 2019 07:45:16More than 300,000 students in U.S. schools are at risk for serious physical illnesses or disabilities.And while they are required to take physical education classes, many parents and teachers are not aware that the curricula they teach their children have no link to the risks…

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